"AGROESKORT", LLC is the leading Russian producer of high-precision weight belt feeders, continuous scales and screw samplers.

More than 2,500 pieces of our equipment have been successfully installed and used on over 140 factories in different types of industries: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, cement, chemical and mining industries, production of fertilizers and detergents, conversion of agricultural products and other industries on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia and other CIS countries.

The quality of high-tech weight belt feeders produced by "AGROESKORT" is comparable to the same production of the leading foreign companies but pricing is much preferable than the pricing of foreign competitors.

"AGROESKORT" LLC is represented in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Supplying of new equipment and repair parts as well as commissioning and service works are proceeding in these countries.

Design and operating principle:

Weigh feeder is a belt conveyor with asynchronous drive gear, controlled by electronic controller and equipped with strain-gauge weight-measuring system and belt speed sensor. During the operation there are continuous weighing of material, conveyed above the weight-measuring device, and also measuring of the belt speed.

Specific Designs:

Weigh belt feeders of strengthened design with increase of drive and movable pulleys diameters, pulleys rubber coating, strengthening bearing assemblies of pulleys and roller carriages, drive power increase are manufactured for operation in heavy conditions at greater running loadings and capacities. Weigh belt feeders with underseal and rubber coating are manufactured for chemical industry.

Weigh belt feeder control system provides:

  • Mode of continuous weight feeding

The set value of capacity is supported by adjusting of the material's movement speed depending on gravity load on the conveyor belt of the weigh belt feeder.

  • Mode of continuous-action scales

Summing of the momentary gravity load values on the transporting belt for the accounting time period is executed.

Control system realized on the base of SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers from SIEMENS.

Technical Specifications

Rated productivity, t/h 0,25 ÷ 1000 (corresponds to the parametric series RA10)
Adjusting depth 1:10
Feeding accuracy, % not more than +0.5
Geared motor conical, SEW Eurodrive
Rating, kW 0.12 ÷ 11
Ambient temperature -20 ° C - + 50 ° C (. Specials performance of -40 ° C)
Protection class IP-65
Frequency converter VLT, Danfoss
Force converter Sensor Encoder Angular movements' optical-electronic converter
The width of the conveying belt, mm 500 ± 5, 650 ± 6.5, 800 ± 1.2, 1,000 ± 15, 1200 ± 18, 1400 ± 21
Conveyer belt Endless, rubber, vulcanized, temperature resistant up to 200oС (for belt by thickness from 2.5 to 10 mm)
Interface connection with the higher-level automation PROFIBUS DP, ETHERNET (ModBus TCP) ModBus RTU 4-20 mA


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